Born in 1958, artist Jamie Lisa has exhibited in New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles since the early 1980’s. Using her palette knife, she constructs beautiful paintings of flowers and still life with a luxurious sense of volume and depth. Her subjects include tulips and roses and in recent years, black and white color schemes.

Jamie Lisa was born in Jeonnam, Korea in 1956.
At an early age she began to draw and paint images of the lush Korean countryside.
She loved the colors and beauty of nature, especially floral landscapes. Lisa enjoys painting the colorful countryside of Provence and Tuscany. Hills dappled with small cottages nestled in a grove of trees, fields of sunflowers, lavender and poppies are her favorite subject matters. Her use of color is superb and her technique of using thick application of paint on the canvas adds a tremendous amount of depth to her paintings. Lisa also enjoys painting colorful and abundant bouquets of flowers.
The colors burst from the canvas and evoke a sense of happiness from the viewer. Once again the artist uses bold brush strokes and a thick application of paint to give the composition wonderful depth and dimension.
She has won over 7 awards and honors in the National Student Fine Art Competition in Seoul, Korea. She is a Recipient of the Special Prize at both the Competition of Fine Art at Hong-Ik University and the Korean Women Fine Art Exhibition at Sejong Cultural Center, Korea.
Lisa is a member of the Korean Fine Art Association, and the Korean Women Oil Paintings Association. Her artwork has been in many exhibitions such as the Korean Modern Arts Grand Exhibition in Seoul, Korea, the Korean Women Fine Art Exhibition at Insadong Gallery, and the Eastern Asian Fine Art Exhibition at Seoul Art Gallery